We are delighted that you are considering sending your child to St Gabriel’s Church of England Primary School.

If you would like to visit our incredible school and be shown around by our Headteacher Miss Anson, please contact the School Office on 020 7186 0080. Our Administrative Team Angela Raby or Michaela McCadden will be happy to make an appointment for you.

At this meeting our Headteacher will be able to tell you about our school, show you our facilities and answer any questions you may have.

Parents of children going into Reception class will be invited to a special meeting during the term preceding the children’s admission; however we strongly recommend coming to see our school before this time. This provides an opportunity for all new parents and children to meet each other.

For more information please look at our admissions policy.

How many places are available in Reception?

30 places each year

How do I apply?

St Gabriels Church of England Primary School is part of the co-ordinated admissions process run by your local authority. In September they will contact you and you will need to make up to six preferences, in order, and return these preferences to the local authority by January.   DO NOT MISS THIS DEADLINE.

Westminster City Council Application Form

If you would like to apply for a faith/foundation place at  St. Gabriel’s Church of England Primary School, you MUST ALSO fill in our Supplementary Information Form and get this signed by your vicar, pastor, rector, priest etc.

Download the Supplementary Information form here

What are your oversubscription criteria?

If we receive more applications than there are places available applications will be prioritised according to the following oversubscription criteria:

(i)         Children who are in public care or children who have been previously looked after but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order). Evidence will be requested to support this status. (Children who are looked after are some times called children in public care.)

(ii)        Children whose parents worship at St Gabriel’s at least monthly and have done so for at least a year.

(iii)       Children whose parents worship at least monthly and have done so for at least a year in other Anglican Churches.

(iv)       Children whose parents worship at least monthly and have done so for at least a year in other Christian Churches* (*as defined by the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland).

(v)        Children who are baptised Anglicans (baptismal form will be required).

(vi)       Children who are baptised by other Christian rites (baptismal form will be required).

In each of the categories ii – vi parents should provide a supporting statement from their priest or minister.

(vii) Children who have siblings, already in the school, at date of entry to Reception Class. A sibling is defined as a brother or sister, half brother or sister or step brother or sister whose main residence is at the same address.

(viii)  Children whose parents live in the parishes of St Gabriel’s, St Saviour’s and St James the Less.

(ix)    Children of other faiths who practise their faith at least monthly and have done so for at least a year. (Supporting Statement from Religious leader required)

(x)     Children who do not meet any of the previous criteria

You can download our Determined Admission Arrangements 2020/21 here

What relationship do you consider a ‘sibling’?

‘Sibling’ refers to brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister, foster brother or sister or the child of the parent/carer’s partner where the child for whom the place is sought is living in the same family unit at the same address as the sibling. A sibling relation does not apply when the child currently on roll will leave the school before the sibling starts.

To gain a ‘church place’ how often do I need to worship?

 At least monthly and for at least a year at the date of application.How will you calculate distance?

How will you calculate distance?

Distance is measured in a straight line using a computerised mapping system based on ordnance survey data. The measurement is taken from the address point for the home address to the centre point of the school site.

My child has special educational needs. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. If your child has a statement of special educational needs or an EHCP your child will be admitted if St Gabriel’s is the named school. If your child has special educational needs but no statement or ECHP you should apply using the usual process. If you would like to talk to someone about your child’s needs before you apply you can contact us at the school office. Call us on 020 7186 0080 or email office@stgabrielsprimary.co.uk

We are not Christians. Can we still apply?

Absolutely. As a Church of England School our ethos underpins all of school life, however all aspects of the school day will be relevant and appropriate for all the children on the school roll. The Governors hope that parents who have chosen our school for their children have done so knowing that we are a Church of England School with a distinctive Christian ethos. Governors, therefore, expect parents to give their full support to the ethos of the school. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

My child will be one of the youngest in the class. Can they start school later than September?

Legally children do not need to be in full-time school until the first day of the term following their fifth birthday. Although most parents want their children to start school with their classmates in September, parents can decide to defer the start date, especially for younger children. The process is set out in more detail in our application policy.

I still have questions. Is there anyone that I can talk to about applying for a place?

Absolutely. You can contact our school office on 020 7186 0080, or email us at office@stgabrielsprimary.co.uk .

We look forward to hearing from you.