Ancient Egyptian burial masks in year 4

Did you know ancient Egyptians believed that if your body was damaged after you died, your spirit would be hurt in the Afterlife? That’s why when Ancient Egyptians died their bodies were mummified and, if they were rich and powerful, protected in elaborate and beautifully decorated sarcophagi (stone coffins).

Year 4 have been learning all about ancient Egyptian beliefs and studying their amazing art work to make their own burial mask models and paintings.

They started by looking at lots of examples to design their own masks in their sketchbooks.

Then, it was time to start making! They used cardboard to make the shape of their burial mask model before covering it with mod roc (Plaster of Paris), being careful to smooth it out with water.

Once the masks were dry, they painted them carefully, mixing the colours they’d seen during their research.

Year 4 also managed to paint some burial masks.

Well done year 4, you are so creative!

If year 4 have inspired you, why not have a go at painting your own burial mask?

You can also find out more about ancient Egypt using the sites below (always ask an adult first):

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