Giacometti sculptures in year 5

Year 5 have been making sculptures inspired by Alberto Giacometti, a sculptor best known for making large, thin sculptures of people.

Here’s one of his sculptures: what does it make you think about?

Man Pointing 1947 Alberto Giacometti 1901-1966 

Class 5 started their study of Giacometti by practicing sketching figures, focusing on proportion and using line to show movement.

They used their sketches to make their own sculptures, using modeling wire and covering it in mod-roc (Plaster of Paris). Once, the sculptures were dry, they painted them in just a few colours, just like Giacometti’s.

Well done class 5 – some very creative sculptures!

Feeling inspired by class 5’s sculptures? Find out more about Alberto Giacometti and make your own art inspired by him on Tate Kids here.

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