Number facts


Phonics and Spelling





Science Museum: a collection of ideas and some online games:

James Dyson:  has got a list of challenge cards for science and engineering:

Practical Activities: Variety of practical science activities to do at home

BBC bitesize: this has lots of activities, and not just for science, (This is also available on you TV via the red button)

KS1 –

KS2 –

From 20th April, BBC bitesize will be broadcasting lessons in a variety of  subjects for Primary and Secondary schools.

Here are some more useful websites and free apps to help keep kids active and engaged at home!

1.The Scouts website offers a wide range of activates aimed at helping kids find the magic of ‘The Great Indoors’.


As you work your way through the featured activities be sure to check out the ‘More Activities to do at home’ section at the bottom of the page. This will link you to amazing resources provided by associations such as Rolls-Royce, The British Red Cross and The Royal Air Force.

2.Google Expeditions is a free app available through the app store. If your child is missing exploring a visiting new places I highly recommend this resource. Through a VR platform it enables its users to visit and learn in a range of different environments from under the sea in the Galapagos to in the stars visiting the International Space Station. A fantastic resource for anyone wanting the visit the world around them from the comfort of their own home.

*You will need the Expeditions App, a Mobile or Chrome OS to access this resource. If you can a cardboard or Daydream viewer can also be used but is not necessary to experience the fun!

3.For anyone missing the animals of the world, San Diego Zoo have a range of live streams so we can all keep up with the mischief the animals are getting up to throughout lockdown, as well as providing fun facts about the animals.

4.Helping to inspire the young artists in all of us Tate Kids is a fantastic resource. With inspiration drawn from famous artists, this website provides activities to try at home, games and quizzes as well as the opportunity to explore some famous artworks and their artists.

5.Origami has always been a way to not only develop fine motor skills but also brain development and spatial awareness. Origami Me provides people with step by step instructions suitable from everyone from beginners to masters!