At St Gabriel’s Primary School we endeavour to provide a mathematics curriculum for everyone. Our belief is that children who are functional in mathematics are able to think independently, reason, solve problems and develop resilience. We feel that mathematics should be about creating awe and wonder, enabling children to make exciting discoveries and connections as well as developing positive attitudes, curiosity and enjoyment.

Mathematical understanding is developed through use of representations that are first of all concrete (e.g. Numicon, Dienes apparatus), and then pictorial (e.g. Array, place value counters) to then facilitate abstract working (e.g. Columnar addition, long multiplication).

Through our calculation policy there are examples of the progression of representations, and if, at any point a pupil is struggling they should revert to familiar pictorial and/or concrete materials/ representations as appropriate. As children become fluent mathematically and able to choose appropriate representations and procedure to carry out a calculation, it is also important that teaching of using representations that underpin calculation methods are used consistently across each year group. As the children become more proficient in fluency they also develop their reasoning and greater depth skills to help them gain mastery of their topics.

Assessment is an integral part of our learning process and our curriculum is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of all pupils by using regular gap analysis to reflect upon the pupil’s skills and ensure all pupil’s are making excellent progress.

Focusing on learning that deepens understanding by exploring reasoning skills as well as solving problems in real-life contexts.

Ensuring pupils are given daily opportunity to revisit core skills in mathematics to  continue to develop their fluency skills.

Please do refer to our calculation policy . This offers guidance for developing an understanding of the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for children. The policy breaks down the agreed St. Gabriel’s methods for calculating as written methods and mentally.




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