Through our creative curriculum, we aim to inspire and promote creativity, independence in learning and an appreciation of human creativity and accomplishment within a range of learning opportunities that are relevant to and that reflect our diverse community.

We intend that children leave St Gabriel’s with the knowledge and breadth of study that allows for self-identity and a sound knowledge of the world around them whilst developing the skills to apply this knowledge to build upon the opportunities and experiences they will face as they progress to their next stage in learning and beyond to employment. It is our intention that our pupils not only excel academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually, providing them with the foundations and building blocks for their future.





Our creative curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced to ensure progression in skills through the key stages and is adapted to meet the needs of pupils with SENDand inclusive to develop children knowledge, celebrate the achievements, arts and cultures of groups from all of our school community. For example, Year 6’s study of the First World War looks at the significant contribution made by Black and Asian soldiers, and Year 5’s study of the Stuarts and the start of the British Empire examines, why and how the empire started, its legacy and the lasting impact on other countries and cultures.  For example in art, all classes study inspirational artists that reflect our diverse school population.





St Gabriel’s values of Friendship, Peace, Service, Endurance, Wisdom and Justice, are also embedded throughout our curriculum and interwoven through all subejcts. Through collective worship we look at people in the bible who have demonstrated our values, but also look at inspirational present day and historical figures representing different faiths and ethnicities who have also demonstrated these values.

Our curriculum is creative and cross curricular links are made where ever is possible, appropriate and relevant ensuring that core skills of reading, writing and mathematics are integrated across the curriculum.


Professional development focuses on enhancing teacher knowledge and skills to further ensure that we provide our children with exciting, supportive and challenging learning opportunities.

A new topic is launched with a classroom display and a launch activity to engage the pupil’s interest. This might include images, artwork, a trip or visitor, music or a video clip or use of ICT.

Topics are guided by what the children know already by filling in a KWL chart (Know, Want to find out, Learnt) – after a topic has been launched pupils begin a KWL chart which is stuck in their Creative Curriculum book to form a front cover for their work on the topic.  The children write down what they already know , and what they then want to find out, aiding teachers to plan  activities and objectives in response to the pupils  existing knowledge, thus moving children on in their learning.  Children return to this at the end of the topic to review their learning, showing what they have learnt.  This is also used as an aid to assessment. Children are also  encouraged to research a topic in advance for holiday homework. This is also a great opportunity for parents to support with learning. Children will often return to school with fabulous projects they have made themselves at home.

With a high number of EAL children we ensure that vocabulary is a focus throughout the school.

We ensure that we take advantage of  the many museums and galleries that we are fortunate to have so close by and aim to ensure that classes go on termly visits to further engage and inspire them in their learning. We also work with a range of partners to further provide high quality learning experiences for our children, for example inviting in visiting speakers, drama groups, musicians and sports coaches.


Children enjoy going on the many trips connected with their different topics and are able to make links between the different subjects.

End of Key Stage assessments and the work in children’s books show that that children achieve well at St Gabriels.

Attainment and progress is significantly above the national average in KS2 and is in line or above in KS1 and EYFS. Our end of Key Stage results are significantly above average in EYFS and KS2 and above average in KS1

Children also achieve well at Greater Depth. (Please see our attainment data page)


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