In summer girls may wear a light blue gingham school dress and boys wear grey trousers or shorts, a white long or short-sleeved shirt. Sensible black shoes must be worn at all times.

Most of the uniform can be bought from various department stores. Ties, blazer badges, hats,coats and school bags are available from the school office. We also have nearly new uniform sales during the year.

During P.E. children are required to wear black shorts, black tracksuits, Yellow polo shirts and trainers or plimsolls. All items must be clearly marked with your child’s name. In the interest of safety jewellery is not allowed in school, although watches may be worn. Pierced ears can be worn with studs only.

The items listed can be purchased directly from the school.

St. Gabriel’s Waterproof/Reversible Jacket £19.35
St. Gabriel’s Fleece Jacket (P.E) £14.35
St. Gabriel’s Blazer (Embroidered) £31.35
St. Gabriel’s Yellow Polo Shirt (P.E) £6.90
St. Gabriel’s Tie 39” £3.65
St. Gabriel’s Tie 45” £4.15
St. Gabriel’s Blazer Badge £4.50
St. Gabriel’s Knitted Hat £6.50
St. Gabriel’s Summer Cap £4.35
St Gabriel’s Back Pack £14.30
St. Gabriel’s Book Bag £6.00
St. Gabriel’s Tote Bag (P.E.) £5.30
St. Gabriel’s Water Bottle £1.50