Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE)

PSHE is a non-statutory subject. However, there are aspects of it we are required to teach.


Refer to our relationships and sex education policy for details about what we teach, and how we decide on what to teach, in this subject.

Non statutory elements of PSHE will be included and taught according to the particular needs of the children in our school and community.  Non statutory learning objectives from the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study will be reviewed by teachers yearly and taught in addition to the statutory PSHE content as appropriate, mapped by teachers into year groups to suit the needs of the children, to build on previous learning and allow for progression, reinforcement and continuity.



The aims of personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education in our school are to:

  • Develop an awareness of their responsibility as a citizen of our school and the wider community.
  • Respect people’s differences, demonstrating tolerance towards others and foster positive attitudes to differences in line with the Equalities Act 2010
  • Become independent and responsible members of the community.
  • Develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Have a strong understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle and to take responsibility for their own physical and mental health.
  • Have an awareness of their own safety and how to make informed choices to keep themselves safe.
  • Have the skills to make informed choices with regards to personal and social issues.
  • Develop a range of personal skills, which will help them to understand relationships, and appreciate the values of a stable family and the responsibilities of parenthood.
  • Begin to develop an understanding of the world of work and the wider issues of economic and industrial life.
  • Develop an awareness of their responsibility for the environment.
  • Understand the importance of British Values
  • Be aware of how to keep themselves safe online and the potential risks of using the internet and social media in today’s society.


PSHE is central to every activity in our school. Through our school ethos and the relationships we promote with children and colleagues, we foster pupils’ self-esteem, moral and social skills and care for their mental and physical health. PSHE features in the taught curriculum of every subject, playtimes, outings and whole school activities such as Christmas events, prize-giving and Sports Day.  It is promoted through our school and classroom rules.  PSHE is also an essential part of our assemblies, mass and collective worship.


We aim to help children at school develop into responsible, caring and respectful members of the community.


We hold the Healthy Schools London and Healthy Early Years London awards, recognising and celebrating our achievements in child health, wellbeing and development and the real difference this makes for our pupils. Getting a good start in life, building emotional resilience and getting maximum benefit from education are the most important markers for good health and wellbeing throughout life.





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