Please click here to see Covid 19 Risk Assessment for Full Reopening from March 2021

Please click here to see Lateral Flow Testing Risk Assessment

From March 8th we are open to all children.

We will ensure:

  • Enhanced cleaning of surfaces and ‘touch points’ (door handles, banisters)
  • Loose carpets/rugs have been removed
  • Soft toys, and smaller resources have been removed
  • Tables are set out in rows from Year 2 – Year 6
  • Classroom surfaces cleared
  • Protective screen on the office counter
  • Readily available PPE for staff and visitors
  • Hand sanitiser in every classroom, lunch hall, Great Hall and main office entrance
  • Risk assessments shared with all of our school community via this website and during staff INSETs
  • Summary protocols for reducing the risk within a staff leaflet
  • Sufficient Lateral Flow Tests are available for staff to opt in to use

Daily routines:

  • We recommend that families avoid using public transport as much as possible, and if you do so, a face covering should be worn and hands sanitized. Do not touch your face with your hands.
  • Children should come into school in their school uniform, but as in the Autumn Term we would encourage children to change their clothes as soon as they come in from school.
  • Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 should enter and leave via the Blackstone Gate – elder siblings may also enter and leave through this gate
  • Gates are open from 8.50 for a 9am start.
  • School will finish at a staggered time for different bubbles and timetables have been adjusted accordingly to ensure sufficient teaching time. (Year R: 3pm, Year 1 & 3: 3.10pm, Year 2 & 4: 3.20pm, Year 5 & 6 3.30pm)
  • There will continue to be no before and after school clubs as we do not want bubbles to mix
  • Staff and Children will have their temperature taken on arrival and children will go straight up to the classroom
  • Parents can only enter the school premises with an appointment
  • Good hand hygiene will continuously be encouraged throughout the day and coughing into tissues or elbows
  • Children will only mix with other children in their bubble
  • Adults will mostly only mix with children who are in their ‘bubble’/group
  • Playtimes have been timetabled to be staggered so that a bubble has exclusive use of their area of the playground
  • Bubbles will only play with their own class’s playground equipment
  • Children will sit facing in the same direction at specific place settings in the dining hall and the Great Hall
  • Classroom surfaces and tables will be wiped down frequently throughout the day
  • Windows and doors will remain open for ventilation. Windows will be closed periodically for very short periods of time if the classroom gets too cold
  • Children continue to have their own resource pack containing a pencil case, pen, ruler, glue, scissors etc and they will only use their own pack. They will have a tray to keep these in when not used.
  • Children must take their water bottles home every day and these must be washed.
  • The majority of staff will be encouraged to be out of the school building by 4.30pm to allow for more thorough cleaning of the building and for any staff travelling on public transport, to do so out of rush hour. It is therefore imperative that children are not picked up late.

To minimize the number of different people entering the school:

  • Parents will drop their children at the school gate and cannot enter the playground – we ask that only one adult from the family drops your child off and collects them. Please do not gather close
    to the entrance gates. Markers are on the pavements outside to support families with social distancing
  • Parents can only enter the building by appointment. We are more than happy to talk to parents on the phone if there is an issue.
  • Please make sure your child has everything they need before they come to school – parents will not be able to drop off forgotten items or packed lunches during the school day.
  • Payments must be made via an envelope given to your child to give to their teacher.
  • We will avoid using supply teachers to cover staff absences or to cover staff PPA time. If we do not have sufficient teachers, the DFE have advised that Teaching assistants can cover a class (under teacher direction).
    Only key services will be allowed into the building (e.g. Educational psychologist, school nurse, Family Therapist, social workers).
  • Volunteers who support small groups of children will be able to recommence support as long as LFTs are used and a negative result obtained

There will still be a risk wherever groups of people are gathered, however we aim to reduce this risk with the measures we have taken. If a case of Covid 19 is confirmed at school, we will immediately follow all of the Public Health England guidelines. Please click here to see school protocol for responding to a suspected case.


Does my child have Covid symptoms?

Unsure whether to keep your child at home?

How to tell the difference between a common cold and Covid-19

Most people who feel ill with coronavirus will have at least one of the key symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste

The BBC have produced a video explaining the differences between Covid symptoms and the normal winter cold.

To book a test please go to