Please click here to see Covid 19 Risk Assessment for Full Reopening from September 2020

Before opening to children:
 A deep clean is currently being completed throughout the school
 Loose carpets/rugs have been removed
 Soft toys, and smaller resources have been removed
 Some tables and chairs have been removed from classrooms
 Classroom surfaces cleared
 Protective screen to be erected along the office counter
 PPE has been ordered for staff and hand sanitizer for children
 Monday June 1st will be an INSET day. This will allow staff to meet, go through protocols, risk
assessments, and ensure that we are thoroughly prepared for the children on 2nd June.
 Tuesday 2nd June, school will open to Year 1, Year 6, vulnerable and key worker children.
Daily routines:
 We recommend that families avoid using public transport as much as possible, and if you do so,
a face covering should be worn and hands sanitized. Do not touch your face with your hands.
 Children do not need to come to school in uniform. We have chosen to do this to enable parents
to put the clothes children have been wearing in school straight into the laundry/wash when they
get home each day. It is also highly likely that in the past few months your child may have grown
out of their uniform and there will currently be limited opportunities to buy more!
 Children can enter via either playground gate, however if we find that it is not possible to socially
distance, classes will be given specific gates to enter and leave by. It is very important that
children are not late – we do not want children to have to enter via the office. The gate will be
open from 8.50 and children can go straight to their classrooms
 We will have acts of worship in the classroom – there will be no assemblies.
 There will not be any before and after school clubs
 Staff and Children will have their temperature taken on arrival and children will go straight up to
the classroom
 Good hand hygiene will continuously be encouraged throughout the day and coughing into
tissues or elbows
 Lessons will not be as formal as normal. We will be following lessons from the National Oak
academy, but taught by our own teachers. This will allow the same/similar learning to go on at
home if you choose to keep your child at home. More information on this will follow shortly.
 Children and adults will mostly only mix with children who are in their ‘bubble’/group
 Playtimes will be staggered, with no more than 10 children in the big playground at a time

 The small playground will not be used for playtimes
 Lunch times will be staggered with not more than 10 children in the dining hall at a time and
children will sit facing in the same direction at specific place settings with not more than 2
children at a table
 There will be limited or no equipment out at playtimes and anything that is used will need to be
cleaned after the playtime
 Classroom surfaces and tables will be wiped down after each session
 Children will be given their own resource pack containing a pencil case, pen, ruler, glue, scissors
etc and they will only use their own pack. They will have a tray to keep these in when not used.
 Children must take their water bottles home every day and these must be washed.
 The majority of staff will have to be out of the school building by 3.30pm to allow for more
thorough cleaning of the building and for any staff travelling on public transport, to do so out of
rush hour. It is therefore imperative that children are not picked up late.
To minimize the number of different people entering the school:
 Parents will drop their children at the school gate and cannot enter the playground – we ask that
only one adult from the family drops your child off and collects them. Please do not gather close
to the entrance gates. We will put markers down on the pavement or walls outside for you to
distance yourselves from each other if you are waiting for your child.
 Parents can only enter the building by appointment. We are more than happy to talk to parents
on the phone if there is an issue.
 Please make sure your child has everything they need before they come to school – parents will
not be able to drop forgotten items or packed lunches off during the school day.
 Payments must be made via an envelope given to your child to give to their teacher.
 We will not use supply teachers to cover staff absences or to cover staff PPA time. If we do not
have sufficient teachers, the DFE have advised that Teaching assistants can cover a class
(under teacher direction).
 Only key services will be allowed into the building (e.g. Educational psychologist, school nurse,
Family Therapist, social workers).
The decision whether to bring your child back to school lies with you. We hope that the information
outlined above will help you to make the right decision for your child and importantly your family. There
are currently no fines/penalty notices for families if your child does not attend. However, the
government have announced that if you decide to continue to keep your child at home, on the day
when they could be in school, then you will need to phone school and tell us. As you would have done
We are taking many measures that we need your support, understanding and patience with. We would
love nothing more than to see all of our children back at St Gabriel’s and we pride ourselves on being
welcoming and open to all of our community. It therefore truly saddens us that all of these stringent
measures have had to be taken, however they are all necessary to ensure our school community are
as safe as possible.
We understand that these arrangements may not suit all families and may not be what was expected
when the government announced that schools would begin to open for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.
However, the decisions governors and school leaders have made are specific to our school and
community, based on our assessment of risk and to make every effort to ensure the safety of all. There
will still be a risk wherever groups of people are gathered, however we aim to reduce this risk with the

measures we have taken. If a case of Covid 19 is confirmed at school, we will immediately follow all of
the Public Health England guidelines. Please click here to see school protocol for responding to a suspected case.
If you have any concerns, or a member of our leadership team did not manage to speak to you on
Monday, please do get in contact with us and let us know your intentions. If at any point you change
your mind, please do phone school again and let us know and we can arrange a place for your child.
Safety is our overwhelming priority. I would therefore reiterate parents must not bring their children into
school if they have shown any sign of illness.
We hope all of our community remain well and safe,