Through enquiry-based science learning, we aim to develop and extend children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them through practical investigations, asking

questions, making observations and interpreting their findings, in order to prepare them as lifelong learners in an increasingly science and technology dominated society.

At St Gabriel’s believe that good science occurs in our school when:

Children are motivated to learn

Every lesson includes practical learning

Learning challenges children’s understanding

Learning encourages curiosity

Learning is linked to the real world

Where ever possible, science is taught through practical investigation led learning and may be the lead subject for a class topic with links made to the creative curriculum.

Learning is made more exciting and inspirational for our children through trips to local museums , or around our locally, (such as Vauxhall City Farm, The Science Museum, Battersea Park

and the Boating Base).  We are also very fortunate to have excellent school grounds to provide children with the opportunity for awe and wonder that science so often invokes.

Children are able to make use of our very own garden and planters and have grown a variety of their own foods, such as tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, lettuce (to name a few!).

We also celebrate science day yearly.  Each year children come together from different classes to carry out investigations together and then to present in a whole school assembly at the

end of the day. It is fantastic to see children not only developing their scientific knowledge, but also  learning with and supporting other children of different ages.

We currently follow the ‘Switched on Science’ scheme of work in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each half term has a different unit to engage children with science through improving their

scientific understanding and developing their enquiry skills. To allow children to make scientific connections with other areas of learning, the units are linked to our Creative Curriculum


Primary Science Quality Mark:

We are currently proud of the work by children and staff to ensure that our science curriculum is of a high standard. This has been recognised through St Gabriel’s becoming the first

school in Pimlico to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark (Silver Award). The Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) is the only national award scheme to develop and celebrate the

quality of science teaching and learning in primary schools. Schools achieve a PSQM award through a year-long process of initial audit, followed by action and reflection.

We are currently in the process of renewing this national accreditation.

Primary Science Quality Mark




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